Healing Your Animal Vicki Draper Animal Massage Kirkland Washington

French Bulldog, Ranger, Transforms

Ranger transforms in multiple ways. He went from Anxious and Clingy to Calm and Independent. He was inappropriately peeing in the house and stopped peeing in the house. He was having skin issues that healed. Dr. Deanna shares her story with you.

Multi-generational Bouviers

Legacy Client Lynn Brimmer shares her experience working with Vicki for over 20 years.

Dog and Cat Harmonious

Monthly Client Heidi Jellerson shares her experience originally being a skeptic and how working with Vicki has helped Rocky, her dog, along with Aslan, her cat that has joined their family.

Kai Speaks

Kai was an elderly chow/golden retriever mix who received care for quality of life. The day this video was scheduled, the guardian contacted me saying Kai had really taken a turn for the worse, she wasn't sure he was going to live much longer and not sure we can still do the video. Kai was the inspiration for doing these videos. He had made it clear he wanted to be an educator for others and I had promised him he could. So we decided to shoot the video of his session as planned. After this session, Kai rebounded and lived 8 more quality months. Kai received his wish educating and supporting others.

Charley's Angels

Charley, a Cardigan Welsh Corgi, an avid agility dog was paralyzed and not expected to walk again. With massage, rehab and a lot of prayers, Charley is not only walking, she's running and playing again. Even though her agility career is finished, she's visited the agility events and done some practice jumps.


Service Success


“Vicki is a miracle worker. Now, my dog Calloway has less pain and better mobility.”

- Cindy Boyer

"My dog Lucy is a competitive agility dog. After Lucy suffered from a knee injury and the vet could not help enough, we went to Vicki. After several sessions, not only did Lucy feel better, she performed better in her athletic competitions."

- Sue Mulligan


"I brought my cat Molly to receive treatment with Vicki Draper after cancer surgery. After the first session, I noticed a dramatic difference in both Molly’s energy level and her personality! She became really playful, light and much more sociable and loving; it was like having a different cat! Since that first session, Molly has continued to improve and her quality of life is excellent."

- Deborah Fortney

"Vicki is such a blessing for my cat, Heuchera, and me. I contacted Vicki shortly after Heuchera had been hit by a car and broken her hips in three places. Through her mastery of the healing arts, she worked to assist Heuchera's healing process, both physically and spiritually. Vicki showed me acupressure techniques I could use between sessions and continue basic therapy after the sessions ended. I was impressed with how much she cared about us and truly desired complete healing for Heuchera."

- Nicole Mikesh


"Vicki helped my mare Harlequin with her transition into her new home. I could tell that the horse truly appreciated her massage technique. Seven, my gelding, is more hyper and difficult, but Vicki also handled him with ease, and helped him to relax. I would highly recommend Vicki for work with any horse."

- Lisa Shilling


"My first session with Vicki brought instant relief from stress and a sore shoulder. I have not had a headache or sore joint in the three weeks since."

- Janis Wade

"Vicki’s acupressure sessions helped me to be more comfortable during my pregnancy. She is a miracle worker!"

- Tamara Trepte

"I went to Vicki with newly identified osteoporosis pain. She spent about one hour using her acupressure techniques which relieved the pain. She also gave me some techniques to continue with the pain relief over time. I plan to go back to her on a regular basis."

- Shirley Porter

Product Gifts Success

"Lately, when things have been a bit too hectic, I have reached for the Uplift mist and simply sprayed it around myself. Within seconds I sensed a calmness, a rebalancing of my energies, and I was refocused and 'ready to go'. What a fantastic feeling!"

- Colleen Aldrich of Lake Stevens, WA

"Using Vi Miere's Wealth crystal essence has transformed my relationship with money. It has helped me understand that the universe is showering me with abundance at all times in ways I only now fully recognize. Wealth feels rooted to the feeling of gratitude. I am so grateful for this shift. Thank you, Vicki!"

- Dana Pellegrini of Bellevue, WA

"I brought my Pointer to Vicki after an injury that was impacting our agility competition. Vicki was able to quickly bring Laverne back in shape to be able to continue to compete in agility and to be able to attend the AKC Nationals in Florida. We are both currently using Vi Miere's mists to alleviate anxiety in competition. Vi Miere mists especially helped us attain our MACH."

- Sandra Green of Snohomish, WA

"Rather than use many different products to improve various aspects of my life, I decided to ask Vicki Draper to develop a mist to meet my specific needs. I am amazed at the results. After using Vi Miere's custome mist for several weeks, I feel much calmer and more focused than I have in years."

- Donna Glendinning of Gearhart, OR

"Vicki's abilities with the animal kingdom are nothing less than astonishing! Whenever my wife and I would leave on vacation, our cat Felix would suffer from separation anxiety and become very ill. Vicki 'treated' Felix by fitting him with a healing-gem charm to wear on his collar. The response was immediate and Felix's demeanor can only be characterized as having changed from chaos to calm. Thank you, Vicki!"

- Wayne Nelson of Bellevue, WA

"I wouldn't have believed it if I had not witnessed the 'dramatic relief' my dog experienced after using Vicki's products. My dogs and I attended a massage class with Vicki Draper at The DogWorks in Monroe. It was a large class and we were all on the floor with our dogs lying/sitting/standing practicing massage techniques. My dog Jade has always had fear problems with other dogs in crowded, noisy settings. She was lying on her side, as stiff and rigid as could be, her eyes were bugged and rapidly moving to see every movement or noise. She just knew dogs were ready to 'jump her', she was growling and showing her teeth (not enjoying the massage). Vicki suggested trying Aggression Ease and Serene mists. She sprayed Jade and within moments Jade took a huge sigh and her body relaxed; I could see her eyes soften. Everyone was astonished at the relief Jade experienced. Needless to say I now have almost all of her products. I am using them for my family and all my pets. I use them at shows and before classes that 'stress' her. "

- Peggy L. Woolworth of Sultan, WA