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Spa Essence Packages For People

Spa Essence Packages For People

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Vi Miere mists are individually hand-crafted from a combination of crystal, mineral, nature and flower essences. Vi Miere mists are created for both people and animals for finding better balance, pain relief, and inner peace.

Many people enjoy using the mists to enhance their spiritual practice. Personal customized mists can be made to order. Click here to schedule your complimentary meeting with Vicki to find the best Vi Miere services and products for supporting your optimal health and well-being.

View our questionnaire for assistance selecting essences for you and your animals.

The essences work great individually. I find they like to work in group of three(3)s to provide even more healing. The following are some packages (sets) of 3 that work well together.

For more options, create your own set of 3 from the individual list of essences.

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Awesome Woman - Assists empowering and creating vibrant fun in life!

Create, Power, Wisdom - each essence contains a keepsake ruby!

 $70.00   (Set of 3) - 1 oz   Add to Cart

Chakras - Balances our chakras for better quality of life.

Chakra 1, Chakra 2, Chakra 3, Chakra 4, Chakra 5, Chakra 6, Chakra 7, & Initiation Essences. Chakra set also includes a meditation CD.

Designed to clear and balance your chakras in 20 minutes for ease of regular in-depth clearing. The CD guides you through the chakra balancing process with ease. While listening to the CD, the chakras are being balanced with the singing crystal bowls for each chakra. You are guided when to spray the essences for balancing of each chakra. You get sound healing as well as the essence healing for in-depth balancing.

Don't have time for the full balancing, the chakras can be balanced individually with the essences!

 $257.00   (Set of 8) - 2 oz   Add to Cart

 $157.00   (Set of 8) - 1 oz   Add to Cart

Energy Essentials

Ground, Clear, Iceland Spar, Protection, Gratitude

5 Key Elements to Managing You and Your Animal's Energy, feeling better and living your best

 $97.00 (value $110.00)  (Set of 5) - 1 oz   Add to Cart

Feng Shui - Balance, clear and improve energy flow for one's space, building or home.

Space Clearing, Intention Setting, Home Enhanced.

 $97.00   (Set of 3) - 2 oz   Add to Cart

Financial Leap - A great way to assist with growing prosperously!

Wealth, Abundance, Joy, Gratitude.

 $77.00   (Set of 4) - 1 oz   Add to Cart

Five Element - Balance oneself with the TCM* 5 Element approach.

Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth.

 $88.00   (Set of 5) - 1 oz   Add to Cart

Happy Holiday - A great support set for the holidays and year round.

Serene, Family, Boundaries.

 $60.00   (Set of 3) - 1 oz   Add to Cart

Inner Harmony - A great way to stay peaceful during stressful times of life such as moving, aging parents, seasonal transitions and holidays.

Harmony, Iceland Spar, Protection.

 $54.00 (value $60.00)  (Set of 3) - 1 oz   Add to Cart

Magnificent Man - Assists strengthening sense of self and life.

Create, Power, Wisdom

 $70.00   (Set of 3) - 1 oz   Add to Cart

Manifesting Wealth - How to shift your money story, clear out blocks in the way and open to manifesting more money flow in your life Clear, Alignment, Grounded While Soaring, Manifest , and Wealth!

Clear, Alignment, Grounded While Soaring, Manifest, Wealth

 $188.00   (Set of 5) - 2 oz   Add to Cart

 $99.00   (Set of 5) - 1 oz   Add to Cart

Moving with Ease

Arthritis Ease, Muscle Ease, Pain Ease

 $60.00   (Set of 3) - 1 oz   Add to Cart

One Earth - Promotes harmonious connection with the Divine, yourself, Heaven and Earth and all beings.

Alignment, Communicate, Environmental Oneness.

 $60.00   (Set of 3) - 1 oz   Add to Cart

Oneness - Assists bringing unity to our physical, emotional and physical selves.

Ground, Clear, Alignment.

 $60.00   (Set of 3) - 1 oz   Add to Cart

Physical Tune-Up - Working out the kinks to improve you and your animal.

Cellular Tonification, Motivation, Wholeness.

 $60.00   (Set of 3) - 1 oz   Add to Cart

Shining Path - Assists amplifying the light of the soul for greater expression of the spirit.

Forgiving, Rebirth, Shining Spirit.

 $60.00   (Set of 3) - 1 oz   Add to Cart

Soar - How to SOAR to your next level and more with Awaken, Show Me! and Abundance!

Awaken, Show Me!, Abundance

 $70.00   (Set of 3) - 1 oz   Add to Cart

Stepping Up Your Dreams - Calmly trusting yourself as you step further into realizing your dreams.

Serene, Trust, Voice.

 $60.00   (Set of 3) - 1 oz   Add to Cart

*TCM - Traditional Chinese Medicine