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Manifesting Wealth Now! Essence Package

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Are you ready to open and receive more wealth than you currently have?

Are you ready to shift from surviving to thriving?

Do you desire to fluorish and have extra money to play and enjoy life?

Then the Manifesting Wealth Now! Package is right for You!

Hear what Mimi Quick Creator of the Prosperity Muse and Evolve Your Energy In Business www.mimiquick.com has to say:

"Vicki is a beautiful spirit inside and out who really exudes compassion. As a friend and colleague I love the Vi Miere Essences as they add an extra Good layer of energy to my day. Being a healer, a natural born psychic and transformational coach for spirit-prenuers I empower my clients and students to align to their missions and prosper. Vi Miere Essences fits right in to give that extra boost in my energy field. I noticed that I increased my JOY, LOVE, and WEALTH vibes. I also cleared some huge money leaks within days of using the product and feel even more grounded to my souls path and mission.

Manifesting Wealth Now! Essence Package

The Manifesting Wealth Now! package (5 - 1oz or 2oz essences) will enable you to shift out of limiting patterns. You are a special being and abundance, affluence and wealth are your birthright. You have tools like the Vi Miere essence mists to help you step into claiming and living your fullest life with the abundance and wealth that you deserve.


Clear essence clears your energy field and your space. This makes room for the new to come in. Clear helps remove old stuck energy, prepaving the way for new wealth and new supporting energies to come in.


Alignment is here to support you in aligning with Source and your goals. Use Alignment for aligning with all of your dreams, meetings, connections, travel, teaching, romance, fun to make way for you to connect with it here in the physical realm.

Grounded While Soaring

Grounded While Soaring is my newest essence that is very powerful. It provides a gounding effect while soaring to even greater heights. Assisting you in expanding your business and your life. This does promote changes, so be ready for shifts to happen!


Manifest is made from a rare crystal that came from Greece. It came to me while attending a workshop in the Colorado mountains early 2000's. The organizer hid a lot of crystals and trinkets in the woods with the idea that whoever finds them will know if it is theirs or not to take. I had a lot of fun finding this crystal that was a definite yes when we connected. Now it has been made into a crystal essence that is helping many more people today connect with their dreams, passions and prosperity.


Wealth opens conscious levels to all of the abundance of the Universe. It assists attracting wealth in one's life by creating a new relationship with money as energy. It accentuates living the "good" life everyday. The Wealth essence has been fun hearing back the interesting stories in different ways money comes to the people using this essence.

The essences are unscented, so can easily be used anywhere.

We look forward to serving you on your journey and hearing about your Manifesting Wealth Now! essences experience!

Add Manifesting Wealth Now! Essence package to cart$99 (5 - 1oz) Add to Cart

Add Manifesting Wealth Now! Essence package to cart$188 (5 - 2oz) Add to Cart

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If this in any way resonates with you and you still have questions, go ahead, sign up to receive this amazing offer before it disappears and then reach out to my client care team info@healingyouranimal.com and we will connect for a call to make sure this is a right fit for you.