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Healthy, Free, and Harmonious: How to balance your pet’s chakras

Healthy, Free, and Harmonious: How to balance your pet’s chakras

Do you desire learning more about your pet’s chakras?

Do you desire to know how to tell when your pet’s chakras are out of balance?

Do you desire knowing how to balance your pet’s chakras for optimal health?

Healthy, Free, and Harmonious: How to balance your pet’s chakras

Healthy, Free, and Harmonious: Balancing your pet’s chakras educates what are pet chakras, goes through the 7 main chakras plus additional chakras of your pet.

Supporting optimum health for you and your pet during your lives together.

This book is the third book in the Healing Your Animal book series that educates what are pet chakras, why you want to care about your pet’s chakras and how to support your pet’s chakras being healthy for optimal health with your pet.

While you may be familiar with the chakras in your body, in Healthy, Free and Harmonious: Balancing Your Pet’s Chakras, Author Vicki Draper takes you on a journey of insight about how chakras relate to your pets.

The real-life stories from Vicki’s extensive experience help you understand your pets and how to best support them. You will learn to determine when chakras are out of balance, and how to balance them.



Vicki Draper's books have been a tremendous help in forming and growing the relationship between my rescue dog, Lucy, and me.

As a dog parent new to chakras, I wanted the best for my little friend. This book gave us both the opportunity to ground ourselves, bond, and work through the balancing act o fliving our best lives. Vicki Explains the background, terms, and process of working on clearing your chakras and your pet's chakras in a way that is clear, simple, and insightful. It opened up a whole new world of wellness for us.

It would have never occurred to me that pets had chakras to clear too, but now it's something we do on a regular basis, and it has made a huge difference in both of our lives.

Jodie Hopkins, Westminster, Colorado

Vicki is an amazing source of non-traditional modalities. She covers everything that traditional veterinary work does not. From massage to Reiki and acupressure, to the creation of her own crystal essences, she leaves no healing stone unturned.

Her newest book on chakras is another triumph in exploring metaphysical opportunities for health and balance. It was fascinating to learn about the chakra system in cats and how Vicki works with them to help create balanced-based healing. I also learned so much from this book about healing my own chakra system.

Vicki truly comes from a place of love, peace, and joy. I thank Vicki for being an integral part of our rehabilitation team and making a new life possible for so many seemingly hopeless cats. She never gives up.

Nancy Howard, Redmond, Washington, cat behaviorist expert and Founder of Feral Care Sanctuary and Whole Cat and Kaboodle.


The first book in the Healing Your Animal series is “Bridging True Love Connection & Healing Between You and Your Animal”.

The second book in the Healing Your Animal series is “Heart to Heart: How you can heal your animal through all stages of life”.

No matter which book you start with, you will build on the techniques in each book for optimal health, harmony and happiness with your pet. And as the third book says: Healthy, Free, and Harmonious”.

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